Erica Fernandes says after the end of “What is Kasauti Zindegi” – every good thing ends one day

The popular TV show Kasauti Zindegi Ki 2 is coming to an end. The show received a good response, but now it is suddenly shutting down. Erica Fernandes, who played the role of Perrana in the show, recently spoke at the conclusion of the show. “Every good thing ends one day, no matter what the show is,” Prerna told the Times of India. To make room for a new show, the old show needs to be finished. I’m not sorry about that. A show will run year after year or it will suddenly stop, the actors couldn’t do anything about it. We are the actors and we don’t control the story in the hands of the channel and the producers.

The first part received a good response from the audience, but this part did not get much response. “What happened 20 years ago still doesn’t need to happen,” Erica said. The audience was different then and today. Similarly, the scripts and content of the shows have also changed.

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Going off-air on October 3, 2020. Erica recently shared her picture on Instagram, thanking fans for loving the character Pereira. Erica shared the photo and wrote, ‘Thank you for loving me in the role of Prerna Sharma’.

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Let us tell you that ‘Kasauti Zindegi Ki 2’ started in September 2018. Perth has played Anurag Basu in the show. At the same time, Erica Fernandes has played the role of Perera. The audience likes both. But if the news is true that the show is closing, fans will be very sorry.


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