Aditya Narayan attends dinner date with wife Shweta, tells paparazzi – don’t take pictures, because you will laugh knowing

It has been a month since the marriage of famous musician Aditya Narayan and Shweta Agarwal. The couple got married on December 1 last year. On this special occasion, Aditya Narayan went on a dinner date with his wife Shweta. He shared some pictures of the dinner date on social media. In addition, he wrote a funny caption, which will not stop you from laughing.

Aditya Narayan posted these pictures on his Instagram, where he was seen enjoying dinner with his wife Shweta Agarwal. He wrote in the caption, Happy Month Anniversary My Beautiful Wife. A month passed jokingly. Like this, all your life will be cut short. My request to the paparazzi was not to pull our pictures after dinner because I can’t pull my stomach in after eating such a heavy meal. ”

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Aditya tore his pajamas during the wedding

Recently, a ‘Shaadi Special’ episode was aired on the Indian Idis show. During the show, Bharati and Harsh shared a funny incident with Aditya Narayan. He said that Aditya’s pajamas were torn during the wedding ceremony. During Vermala, a friend of Aditya’s took him in his arms and tore his pajamas. Everyone laughed at this sentence. Not only that, after that, Aditya wore his best friend Chinkur pajamas, the rest of the wedding rituals he wore the same pajamas.

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On this Aditya Narayan said that this incident was quite strange for him. She later realized why she advised the groom to wear comfortable clothes during the wedding. Aditya says that my friends picked me up when the venue was happening, this time my pajamas were torn. It was quite wonderful for me. I did not understand what to do? After that I wore my makeup artist’s pajamas which didn’t fit. Later my friend Chinku came there, who gave me pajamas to try. Incidentally, his pajamas came out perfectly. I got married in Chinook’s pajamas. This story will be one of the weirdest stories in my life.


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