Such a different look of Suhana Khan during the IPL match, the picture is going viral

Such a different look of Suhana Khan during the IPL match, the picture is going viral


Shah Rukh Khan is currently in Dubai with his family. On Friday, Kolkata Knight Riders and Mumbai Indians came to watch the match with Shah Rukh, son Aryan and daughter Suhana Khan. Suhana’s pictures during the match are going viral on social media. While watching the match, fans are sharing different expressions of Suhana. In the pictures, Suhana is sometimes excited and sometimes she is shocked to see the match.

But at this time Suhana looked quite cute. Suhana is wearing a white T-shirt and her hairstyle is also liked by the fans.

He shared a photo of his mother and did a photoshoot

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Suhana recently shared a picture of herself in a green dress. Suhana herself has informed about this. In fact, a friend of Suhana’s commented, I want th is dress.


Suhana replied to her friend’s comment, this is my aunt’s dress.

Check out this post on Instagram

Shared a post from Suhana Khan (@suhanakhan2) PDT on October 15, 2020 at 6:56 p.m.

I tell you that a few days ago Soshana gave an appropriate answer to those who made obscene comments on social media. He shared screenshots of a few comments on Instagram with his picture, calling him black and ugly.

Sohana wrote on social media, ‘There is a lot going on right now and this is an issue we need to address. It’s not just about me, it’s about every young girl and boy who grows up in low-grade complications for no reason. Some comments have been made about my appearance. When I was 12, I was told that I was ugly because of my skin. Those who say this include older men and women.

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He wrote at the end of the post that you are not beautiful if social media, Indian matchmaking and your family tell you that you are not 5’7 or your color is not fair. Hope this helps you that I am 5’3 inches. My color is brown and I am very happy about it. You should be happy too.



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