Sonu Sood asked the user to help pay the fee, the actor put this condition in front

Bollywood actor Sonu Sood is helping needy people by moving forward. He never disappoints those who pray. Now recently Sonu again helped a student, but he put a condition in front of him. In fact, Sonu paid the full medical fee of a student. The student thanked the actor after submitting the fee. He said that now his dream will come true.

Sonu then put a condition in front of the student. Sonu tweeted to the student – Now you always have to become a doctor for free and treat the poor. Just want this promise.

Earlier, one user tweeted to Sonu Sood, ‘Sonu Sood Sir, I am from Snippet. I have filled the form for Delhi Police. My family is not able to prepare for exams in Delhi and help financially for hostels. Help me Sonu Sood took no time to help the girl. In response, he wrote, ‘Your coaching has been arranged. Serve the country with good training to Delhi Police. Joy Hind. ‘

Let us know Sonu Sood has recently been trolled on social media. Trolls are calling him ‘the biggest scandal of 2020’. Sonu Sood responded. He says he has no time to read these stupid things, because he is busy helping people. Speaking on a news portal, Sonu Sood said the trolls are a handful of people who may not be present. These are people who are paid some money to manage 100-200 accounts.

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Sonu Sood says that if I count how many people these trolls have helped, their children will grow up at such a time. Sonu Sood says that he has been associated with me for the last four months. There is a list of 03,200 names. They have details like home address, phone number and Aadhaar card. These trolls should help them desperately need it with the money they make.

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