Saif Ali Khan’s house coroner appeared before the head of the vaccine company – masking is always necessary

Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor often hold parties for their friends and relatives. On Christmas Eve, he gives a party to his relatives, family members and friends. Arman Jain, Honor Zaire, Anisa Malhotra, Jahan Kapoor and Kunal Kapoor were present on the occasion. Besides, both of them organized a party on the occasion of New Year, in which Soha Ali Khan was seen. Now on Sunday he hosted another dinner party. Ginger Punawala, CEO of Seram Institute of India, one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in the country, also brought his wife Natasha Punawala on the occasion. On Sunday, the two were seen sitting in a car outside Saif Ali Khan’s house.

Adar Punawala was seen at Saif Ali Khan’s house a few hours after the coroner’s vaccine Covishield was approved by the Serum Institute. On this occasion Adar Punawala was seen questioning the photographers whether he was allowed to click on the picture in the Corona era. In it, the paparazzi said it was loud, moreover he asked Poonawala to click on a few pictures without any mask. But Adar Punawala and his wife Natasha refused. Not only that, Ginger Punawala told the photographers that masks should always be worn.

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Ginger Punawala is the chief executive of a Pune-based pharmaceutical company. Recently, he announced that the drug, developed by the Serum Institute with the help of Oxford University and AstraZeneca, is coming to market soon. He tweeted, ‘Happy New Year to everyone. India’s first Covid-19 vaccine has been approved. It is completely safe and effective. Coming soon. Adar Punawala says the company currently has 50 million doses of corona drugs.

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Without forcing anyone to comment on the vaccine, he said: Anyone has the right to question science or information, but the more we read about what data is, where it has been tested, the more you will talk and listen to some experts, so over time this belief grows, these vaccines are very safe Effective. It should be noted here that no one is forcing anyone to take the vaccine.


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