Riya Chakraborty spot in Mumbai a few months later

Bollywood actress Riya Chakraborty was spotted on Sunday, a few months after she was released from jail. Riya is looking for a new home in Mumbai with her brother Sauvik. Many pictures of Riya are going viral on social media so that she can be seen with her brother Shawvik.

In the photos, Shawvik and Riya are seen wearing masks. Riya is wearing a pink sweatshirt with love written on it. However, the two did not talk to him while taking pictures of the paparazzi.

It is learned that after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput, actress Riya Chakraborty came into many discussions. Riya was arrested by the NCB (Bureau of Narcotics Control) after a drug corner in the Sushant case. He has been in jail for several days and in October he came out of the vine. Rear brother Shawvik Chakraborty was also arrested in the same drugs case at the same time. He received the bell on 2 December.

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Riya Chakraborty will return to the big screen this year

Rumi Jaffrey, a close director of Riya, said a few days ago that Riya is preparing to return next year. Rumi said: “This year has been extremely painful for Riya. Although this year has proved to be bad for everyone, it has been extremely stressful for Riya. Can you imagine a middle-class girl who is doing well should be jailed for a month?”

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Rumi said that Riya Chakraborty’s spirits were badly broken due to going to jail. Rumi while talking to Spotboy said that I have recently met Riya Chakraborty. He was very calm, did not want to talk much. He cannot be blamed for such behavior after what happened to him. Close this thread. I’m sure the rear has a lot to say. Rumi said Rhea was trying to save herself from that crisis.


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