Renuka Panwar broke the record, ’52 Gaj Ka Daman’ got more than 100 crore views…

Singer Renuka Panwar has become a sensation on social media due to her song ’52 Gaj Ka Daman’.

New Delhi19-year-old Haryanvi singer Renuka Panwar has become a social media sensation thanks to her song ’52 gaj ka daman’, which has garnered over a billion views on YouTube in less than a year. Talking about that song, Renuka said: “I feel good and feel proud of my team. This is the first time a song sung by a simple Haryanvi girl like me has crossed one billion views on YouTube. It’s an honor for me. “

Describing the song as a ‘life changing occasion’, the singer said: “I have recorded many other songs like ‘Oonchi Haveli’ and ‘Balayein’ after ’52 Gaj Ka Daman’, but 52 Gaj was a life-changing opportunity for me. The opportunity has been there.”

Talking about how her musical journey began, Renuka said: “I started at a very young age. My brother Vicky Panwar played a big role in my musical journey. In fact my entire family supported my career in music. I had earlier sung a song called ‘Sun Soniyo’ composed by Karan Panchal. My first duet was a Hindi song.”

However, the teenager who grew up in Khekra, Uttar Pradesh faced obstacles while trying to fulfill her dream. She recalls: “When my brother used to take me to rehearsals and recordings, people in my village looked down upon us. They used to say that this field is not good for girls and it is better that my parents focus on giving proper education instead of raising me like a future singing star.”

According to her, ‘I have met some really amazing people in this industry. For example, Mukesh Jaji Bhai, the lyricist of ’52 Gaj Ka Daman’, treats me like his sister. Diler Karkia bhai is like a brother to me. Sapna ma’am and the Desi Records team have also been a big support.” Now that life has changed, Renuka is also extremely popular on social media with an Instagram family of over 4 lakhs!

She says, “I request everyone to keep their support. His following and love means a lot to me. My Insta family loves my voice. They are happy when my new songs come out and make me happy with their enthusiasm. I hope this family will grow.”

Any plans to foray into Bollywood playback singing? The singer said, “It has always been my dream. I want to work with Arijit (Singh) sir and Jubin Nautiyal sir someday. If God wills, this too will become true.”


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