Renowned photographer Nagata has joined the ‘Kakad’ team, Kangana happily tweeted and said …

Famous French photographer Tetsuo Nagatas tweeted for the entry of Hakana’s Tim Kangna – Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut on Monday welcomed the award-winning international filmmaker Tetsuo Nagata to the team for her upcoming action film ‘Adakada’.

Kangana’s tweet to the famous French photographer Tetsu Nagatas On Monday, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut welcomed the cast of her upcoming action film ‘Kakad’ to award-winning international filmmaker Tetsuo Nagata. The actress is hoping to produce a highly acclaimed international action crew and world-class spy thriller. Read more – Actress Vanita Kharat poses in Shahid Kapoor’s nude photoshoot; The picture has gone viral

Nagata, a French filmmaker of Japanese descent, is best known for his work at La Vine Rose in 2002, Spalis in 2009 and Jetium in Paris, which was released in 200 releases. Read more – Rahat Fateh Ali’s song ‘Abhyasak’ got 100 crore views, Khan Sahab said thank you

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On Monday, the actress tweeted, introducing the famous photographer, “For Kak আমরা we are the legendary French director of photography, Tetsuo Nagata, a well-known source of inspiration for Academy Award-winning films such as ‘La V এনn Rose’. It’s part of the film. I hope to make it a world-class spy thriller. “


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