Poonam Pandey said- Husband has beaten her so much that she has brain damage, now stop crying and take back the FIR

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A few days after their marriage, Poonam Pandey accused her husband Sam of physical harassment, intimidation and harassment. Now Poonam revealed during a recent interview that Sam had beaten her several times.

In an interview with Spotboy, Poonam Pandey said, ‘Sam has been fighting with me for the last one and a half years. I thought everything would be fine after marriage, but it didn’t happen. My life was ruined. He used to beat me every day. ‘When Poonam was asked if you were dissatisfied that you would complain to Sam’s police, the actress said,‘ I didn’t settle. In fact, when the staff at the hotel where we were staying heard noises from our room, they saw that Sam had beaten me. My face was swollen, I had scars on my body. He decided to join the police and I was angry then, so I took legal action against him.

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Poonam further said at the time that Sam had hit her so badly that she had recently suffered a brain injury. The actress was hospitalized for several days.

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Poonam added, ‘Sam deleted all my photos from his Instagram account when I did nothing because I thought that in the end everything would be fine. I read some articles where it was said that I make money through him while the truth is he makes money by selling my videos’.

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Poonam said that now Sam is crying for forgiveness, telling him to withdraw the FIR. Please say that Poonam and Sam got married on 10th September. Both of them have shared the information of this marriage on social media. Both used to share bold pictures with each other on social media.


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