PM Modi wrote an emotional letter on the death of Akshay Kumar’s mother, the actor said – things touched his heart

PM Narendra Modi has condoled the death of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar’s mother.

Mumbai: PM Narendra Modi has condoled the death of mother of Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. PM Modi wrote a letter to Akshay Kumar. After receiving this letter, Akshay Kumar said that after the death of mother Aruna Bhatia, a letter written by Prime Minister Narendra Modi was found and it touched his heart. Let us tell you that Akshay Kumar’s mother died on September 8 in a hospital in Mumbai.Also Read – These Bollywood stars are considered to be the enemies of Akshay Kumar, they will get up on one hand… you will be shocked to see the list

Akshay Kumar tweeted that I am very grateful for the time taken by the Prime Minister to express his feelings towards me and my parents. His comforting words will always be with me. Jai Ambe.” Prime Minister Modi, in a letter dated September 11, condoled the death of the actor’s mother and recalled the conversation he had with Akshay Kumar that morning. Also Read – Akshay Kumar left for London with his family on the second day of his mother’s death, users said ‘let it be 12 days’

The Prime Minister wrote, “You were very sad and you expressed it very emotionally when you wrote that she is your life. And today I feel your unfathomable pain till the depths of my heart. Also Read – Amidst fears of a third wave, Prime Minister Modi reviews the latest situation of Corona and vaccination campaign

The Prime Minister has written in the letter, “In this journey you have maintained right and moral values ​​and due to this you can easily convert difficulties into opportunities. And you got these values ​​from your parents. When you started your career, I am sure you must have met all kinds of people in this path.” He wrote, “But your mother, stood by you like a rock. Be it the peak of success or the pit of failure, she was always with you. He made sure you always remain kind and humble. He also gave you the rite of helping people, which is reflected in your charitable works.

In the letter, the Prime Minister has also written that he is glad that Aruna Bhatia could see her son reaching the pinnacle of success and the way the actor took care of him is very inspiring. The letter reads, “While leaving the world, he knew that his son was one of India’s favorite actors. Words fall short in this time of sorrow. Keep their memories and legacy alive and give them a chance to be proud of you always. My condolences are with you and your family in this time of sorrow. om Shanti.”


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