‘Our listeners know very well who is talented and who is not’, said Pankaj Tripathi about niece


Bollywood actor Pankaj Tripathi is no longer a fool. He has touched the hearts of people by his works. Although each of his characters was liked, he did not get this fame easily. He has worked hard for this and has never given up. Pankaj said that after 8 years of hard work, people started recognizing him. Pankaj spoke of his fight with his niece in Bollywood.

During an interview, Pankaj Tripathi said, “Nepotism doesn’t bother me in any way. I was busy with my craft. People may think I’m lying when I say I never feel uncomfortable in art but I have to tell you about my journey and experience so far.” “I worked hard to get a role in the film. I worked hard for 8 years and then people started recognizing me.”

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However, I will not deny that such things are not happening with others in the industry. Starkids get the chance sooner than others, because they come from a certain family. I did not get the opportunity very easily. But no one stopped me. It doesn’t matter if you are recognized after 8 years or 8 days of fighting. If you don’t have talent, you can’t survive in this industry. The audience has become very smart. He knows who is talented and who is not. ‘

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