Neena Gupta gives advice to new actresses – ‘Never sleep with a married director’

I have done all this and suffered a lot, so I am refusing to do this

Famous actress Neena Gupta is in the news after her autobiography ‘Sach Hai’. Nina has given her opinion on the casting couch. Neena says that an actress should never have any relationship with a married director or producer. Also Read – These actress wives faced pain due to their husband-tempered husbands, public relations had come to a standstill

Nina says, ‘Never sleep with a married director or producer.’ Neena said that it may seem casual to you because everyone does it but in future you will not be able to work with those director-producers again. Nina also said this… Also Read – Kahani Poori Filmy Hai: The heart of a married young man came to the beautiful wife of the criminal, know again …

Neena Gupta advised to new comer actress dont sleep with director dont love with already married men extra marital affair

Neena Gupta

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In this video, he has started by explaining how extramarital affairs start. Neena says, “He tells you that he doesn’t like his wife and they are not living together for a long time. You fall in love with him. When you ask him to part ways, he says he has kids.” She adds, “After this you start meeting in secret and going on vacations together. You spend many nights with him and eventually you want to marry him.” “Then the woman wants the man to divorce his wife, but he says that it is not easy to do so because there are issues of property, bank accounts, etc..”

“The woman gets frustrated and thinks about leaving him.” Nina advises, “So do not get into such matters. I have done all this and faced a lot of trouble, so I am refusing to do so.” Neena has been in a relationship with West Indies cricketer William Richards, they have a daughter, Masaba Gupta. Later, Neena married Vivek Mehra.


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