Nan Patekar got married for only 750 rupees, find out how love life is

Nan Patekar is an artist who has done a lot of work in both comedy and serious films. As soon as Nana’s name came to mind, many of his characters started popping up in the minds of fans, whether it was Shivaji Rao Wagle in the movie Tringola, Rise of Welcome or Nana who played the role of Joint Commissioner in the 26/11 attacks. Today he is celebrating his 70th birthday. This famous Bollywood star was born on January 1, 1951. On the one hand, the whole world celebrates the New Year, but for Nana and her fans, it is a day of dual celebration.

Nana has acted not only in Hindi but also in Tamil films

Nana Patekar is one of the Bollywood actors. In a very short time he gained a lot of fame. Nana Patekar has acted not only in Hindi films but also in many Marathi, Tamil and Kannada films. Talking about some of the great films of his career, ‘Aaj Ki Awaaz’, ‘Mohra’, ‘Aom’, ‘Parinda’, ‘Andha Yudhi’, ‘Prahar: The Final Attack’, ‘Raju Ban Gaya Bhadralok’, ‘Angar’ Movies like ‘Tirang’, ‘Krantivhair’, ‘Agni Sakshi’, ‘Shakti: The Shakti’, ‘Ab Tak Chappan’, ‘Apahar’, ‘Rajniti’, ‘Knotsamrat’, ‘Kala’ and ‘Welcome’ The list includes. Nana Patekar has also been given many film awards.

What was Nana’s original life like?

Nana was an ordinary child of a middle class family. Living in a simple family, Nana took charge of his family at a young age. He said in an interview that his grandfather was in textile painting and ran a small business. Nana said, “He was very happy to see my play and supported me. This time he said that when I was 13 years old, a close friend of my father’s took away everything including his property. I also worked and helped my father. .

He is married to theater artist Neelu

Nana Patekar was married to playwright Neelu. He said in an interview, “I thought in the theater that I was not getting married yet. I would earn some money through the theater and then marry a girl. Meanwhile, Neelu was an officer in Milio Bank. Then they were both. They decided that we were getting married.” “

Nana and Neelu got married for only Rs

Nana added, “In the 1960s, rations were used for Rs 200. We spent only Rs 5,050 for our wedding. In the end we had Rs 24, so we bought a soft drink and guests. We gave him a small party. Then We also went to Pune for one day. “

Why did Nana separate from his wife?

Nana Patekar is now separated from his wife Nilur. Although they did not divorce. Meanwhile, it was reported that Nana and Manisha were having an affair with Kunirala, so Neelu left his house and expressed his displeasure. However, we still dismiss all these things as empty. They further said that they still meet him. However, it is his personal decision that he wants to be different.


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