Karan Johar facts on his birthday: Karan Johar, the famous director of the Hindi film industry, has always been in the limelight due to his statements. Karan has made many revelations about his personal life in his autobiography Unsettable Boy. Also Read – Priyanka Chopra wreaked havoc again in these pictures;

Filmmaker Karan Johar revealed that he had lost his virginity at the age of twenty-six. I had never had any work experience before. If it doesn’t, then I would never have said it officially. I am not proud of it. I was in New York. Till that time, I was completely naive about sex. Even in my childhood, I was backward about it. I knew nothing about this. Also Read – Shabir Ahluwalia’s wife is not in beauty any less, the breath stops with Husn-e-Didar

Even when I was in school, children used to pull my legs. A boy asked, do you know what a blow job is? I said – I have heard but do not fully know what happens. He said take off all your clothes and drive the fan at full speed. This is what happens. You will not be sure that I did it three times. I know it is not easy to believe all these things. But this is true. Also Read – Karan Johar Birthday: Karan Johar, Akshay Kumar’s wife was giving heart to Twinkle Khanna, such was LOVE STORY

Karan told that when people make jokes on him. Tease them. If they do wrong things, they get upset with it. Karan even said in an interview that I am afraid to go out with any boy because people do not know what my relationship is with him.

Kissa Karan Johar who was always abused for sexualty used

Karan said in an interview while referring to his sex life. When he was 26, he had sex for the first time. It is a matter of those days when his first film Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was released. This was Karan’s first film as a director. He went to New York after release. It was here that he had sex for the first time.

Although they do not say it as pride. Karan wrote in the book- Earlier I was inexperienced with sex. Even I learned about it when I was growing up. When I got the opportunity to go abroad for the first time. I heard of a top class sex service. It was a very stressful experience. For the first time I ran away. Having tried hard, tried again for the second time. Then I thought. Why did I do this. I am not enjoying it It was absolutely silly.