Kareena Kapoor wanted to sleep at Saif Ali Khan’s house, Preity Zinta and Fardeen Khan also appeared in the ad

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan are one of the power couples of Bollywood. Both have done many films together. Kareena and Saif also did an advertisement long before the wedding. Apart from Kareena-Saif, this is a cold drink advertisement which also featured Fardeen Khan and Preity Zinta.

sweet boys

This advertisement, which came in the year 2003, was made in two parts. In the first part, Kareena and Preeti ask their neighbors Saif Ali Khan and Fardeen Khan if they will keep their cold drink bottle in the fridge. When Saif-Fardeen agree, Kareena says- ‘Sweet boys.’ In the evening, when he and Preeti come to get their bottle of cold drink, they find an empty bottle.

Shameless for cold drinks

Saif and Fardeen say that the bottle was leaking and their fridge also got damaged. Preeti understands. She calls them liars and thieves. In the end Saif and Fardeen tell each other that they can be shameless for cold drinks.

took revenge like this

In the second part of the ad, Kareena and Preeti take revenge on him. Both come to sleep at Saif-Fardeen’s house at night and say that the fuse in their house has gone bad. Kareena says that she has a lot of cold drinks kept at her house. Preity Zinta gives them the keys of their house, after which Saif and Fardeen go to get Pepsi from their house. When they reach there, they find an empty bottle of cold drink lying around. On the other hand, Kareena-Preeti lock the door of Saif-Fardeen’s house and take cold drinks from their fridge.

many movies together

Let us tell you that Saif and Kareena have done ‘Omkara’, ‘Tashan’ and ‘Kurban’ together. The love story of both started with the film ‘Tashan’. Saif and Kareena tied the knot in the year 2012. Both have two sons.

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