Big Boss 14 This contestant may be excluded from the

Big Boss 14: This contestant may be excluded from the Big Boss home

The contestants of the TV reality show ‘Bigg Boss 14’ are giving joy to the viewers. News is coming that one of the contestants of Shahzad Deol and Jan Sanu will be dropped from this weekend. Currently, Rubina Dilak, Abhinav Shukla, Jasmine Vasin, Jan Sanu and Shehzad Deol are on the list. Of these, Jasmine will be secured the highest number of votes, followed by Rubina and the number three viewer. There will be an annihilation between Jan Sanu and Shehzad, which will be decided by the freshers.

So far on the show, Rubina and Jasmine are two strong contenders, which are in discussion among the audience. At the same time, Nikki Tamboli is making her mark at home by winning the task. According to a report by Tele Chakra, a contestant of John Sanu and Shehzad will leave the house.

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Let us know that Salman Khan was supposed to praise Robina Dilak in this weekend’s episode of War, but Rubina refused to do anything, then Salman started his class. “If you say everything, we’ll get you an approved brother,” Salman said. Rubina then stood up and said, “I’ll be reprimanded for my attitude.” That’s when Salman interrupts and says, “Madam, I’m talking to you very well. I’m not a competitor here. It’s wrong and it’s going to overwhelm you.”

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