After Asha Negi's breakup, what is the dating of this actress now?

After Asha Negi’s breakup, what is the dating of this actress now?


After a breakup with Asha Negi, Mon Twick Dhanjani’s name is now joining Monica Dogra. News of the two’s relationship is coming after a post by Monica Dogra went viral. In fact Monica wrote a long post for long skin. Through this post, Monica talks about her first meeting with Tvik. While praising R Tvik, Monica further said that I love you actor.

Speaking of the first meeting

Monica writes, ‘We met in the dining hall. The spinach was stuck in my teeth and they didn’t let me know. I then went to the washroom and saw something stuck in my teeth. I came back and I asked it Twik that you didn’t tell me that there was something stuck in my dance. Itvik said with a big smile that I wanted to be a gentleman.

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Since then he has always been my support. Whenever I was scared, he was with me.

Check out this post on Instagram

Monica Dogra / Aka Sha’ar (@monicaDogra) shared a post October 14, 2020 at 9:03 a.m. PDT

Monica further writes, ‘We couldn’t move around the way we like, but let me tell you that this man is like a light in my life. He is a strong actor. I am very excited to be able to work with the skin. When we first met we would die together and now we are going to work together. ‘

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Monica finally writes, ‘For now I can say stay around those you like. Do what you like. I don’t want to grant it. You are a great artist. Thank you for fighting for me. I love you. ‘



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