Imlie Spoiler Alert: Tamarind will be forced to leave home, Malini is going to become mother of Aditya’s child

Imlie Spoiler Alert: Malini’s move is going to take a toll on Imli’s faith, what will be the decision of fate

Imlie Spoiler Alert 14 September Written Update: The story of Star Plus’ serial Imli has come to a very delicate turn, in the past you saw how Malini once again succeeded in her trick and mixed a drug pill in Aditya’s juice. After which Aditya spent the night with Malini in a state of intoxication, due to which Tamarind’s heart is badly broken. In such a situation, now this thing has come in front of the whole family and the people of the family want that this thing should not go outside the house and Malini’s life should not be ruined, so everyone wants Tamarind to leave the house.Also Read – Bhojpuri Sensation Amrapali Dubey got upset due to the fear of lizard, said to the chameleon – stay in moderation – VIDEO

Tamarind is in bad condition and she is cursing her luck, she also feels that if she does not go then Aditya’s family will be defamed in the society. Tamarind’s mother and grandmother want to take her away but Aditya is making every effort to stop her. He is saying again and again that he does not remember how it all happened, he was with Tamarind for the last time but these things are useless in front of what he has done. The truth is that he was in the same bed with Malini all night. Also Read – Rakesh Bapat considers Divya more HOT than Shamita Shetty, the actress told Karan ‘He has broken my heart….’

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On the other hand, taking advantage of Aditya’s intoxication, Malini is now pretending to be a mother and this thing has come to the fore in front of the whole family and Tamarind gets shocked and slips under her feet. Seeing the promo, it is clear that Malini has succeeded in her trick and now it seems that Malini is going to bring a big mountain in the way of Aditya and Tamarind which will shake the foundation of their relationship. Also Read – Mouni Roy flaunts her beauty in a black bralette, showing her bold style… difficult to take her eyes off the pictures


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