I have done nose surgery… Shruti Haasan narrates the pain of ‘panic attack’ and ‘anxiety’

Many Bollywood actresses have been in tremendous headlines for plastic surgery. The name of actress Shruti Haasan is also included in this list. She had her nose surgery done, after which she had to face trolls many times, but this actress knows how to give a great answer to such trolls. Sometimes through social media posts and sometimes through interviews, Shruti has been seen talking openly about surgery on her face. At the same time, recently, an interview of Shruti is becoming very viral, in which she has also described the pain of her mental health since childhood while talking on plastic surgery.

Many actors do surgery but…

Shruti Haasan entered Bollywood with the film ‘Luck’. Talking to Pinkvilla about this, he got the surgery done only after this, he said- ‘There are many actors who get fillers, rhinoplasty, many times but they do not talk about it. It is their choice but I want to talk about it openly because this is my life, this is my face, this is my choice, this is my body. I am not promoting plastic surgery in any way but it is my choice to make my face like that.

Told it was a scary dream to go on stage

She says that ‘I accept myself completely as I am… we are all working on this. I am trying to accept myself internally as there is nothing to fix it. Shruti told that when she was offered her first Bollywood film Luck, she did it only for money. Talking on mental health, he said- ‘I had anxiety since childhood. This is due to some trauma. So going on stage was no less than a scary dream for me.

‘Discovered during the 30s’

Shruti told that she came to know about her ‘anxiety disorder’ during her 30s. She says that she did not know when she became an uncomfortable teenager from a cute girl. But now that she has fully accepted herself internally, she wants to tell people that ‘Loving yourself is a wonderful journey, but its speed is slow, sometimes painful but very exciting’ Happens too’.


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