Haryanvi dancer Pranjal Dahiya’s new song ‘Kaitan De Kache’ released, watch the video watch

Haryanvi dancer and actor Pranjal Dahiya’s new song ‘Kaitan De Kache’ has been released. Mukesh Pabnava has acted in this song with Pranjal Dahiya. This second song of Pranjal Dahiya was released in 2021. The song is sung by Renuka Power and Biswajit Chowdhury. The song is written by Mukesh Jazi, while the music is composed by Aman Jazi. Earlier, his song ‘Ke TV Khan Nai Devga’ was released on the occasion of the New Year. The song has received around three lakh views so far. Dahiya, who became popular due to ’52 Gaz Ka Damaner ‘, has quickly made an impression in the world of Haryanvi music. The popularity of the song ’52 Gaz Ka Daman ‘is estimated to have garnered more than 31 crore views so far.

The special thing is that this song has got so many views in just three months. Pranjal Dahiya’s song Olhar has also become very popular. The song has received over 7 million views so far. Not only that, his song ‘Ek Sutari Tu Shirsh’ also got 8 crore views. Besides, his song ‘Nachungi DJ Floor Pay’ has also become very popular. The song has received millions of views so far.

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Not only that, people also liked his song ‘Jhanjhar’ released last year. The song has received 38 million views on YouTube so far. Prior to her debut on YouTube, Pranjal Dahiya was a tic-tac-toe star who entered the Haryanvi music industry after the videos became popular. He first got the chance to work on Akki Kalyan’s song.

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Over the past year or so, Pranjal Dahiya Haryanvi has made a rapid place in the music industry. For this reason, people often compare her to Swapna Chowdhury, known as Desi Queen. Pranjal Dahiya is also very popular on Instagram. He has more than 3 lakh 55 thousand followers, he is following only 60 people. Pranjal Dahiya often shares her photos and videos with her fans on Instagram. Many people like his videos.


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