Twinkle Khanna greets her son Arv on his birthday in a special way, the post will touch your heart

Bollywood actor and writer Twinkle Khanna has shared a very good bond with her son Arv and daughter Nitra.

Bollywood actor and writer Twinkle Khanna has shared a very good bond with her son Arv and daughter Nitra. She often shares pictures of her children on social media. Today, Twinkle Khanna and Akshay Kumar’s son Arv are celebrating their 18th birthday. Twinkle Khanna wrote a post sharing a beautiful picture with her birthday boy. He said it was the second time he had written something he had written about before.

On Instagram, Twinkle Khanna shared a photo with Akshay Kumar, daughter Nitara, son Arv and two others. Twinkle Khanna writes, ‘Happy 18th Birthday to Arv. Today I am going to write again, about which I have already written. This year the thread was not at all easy to open and cut. You were my teacher for so many years, the way I remained yours. Whenever I taught you math and some vibe and taught you to turn off the lights when you left the house, I learned to be kind and optimistic about you. ‘

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Arav’s 18th birthday! Here I wrote once for you and it was not easy to keep the strings loose and finally cut them this year. All these years you have been my teacher as much as my teacher. I learned optimism, compassion and wonder from you as I taught you math, a few etiquettes and how to switch lights when you leave your house. But as you look at your upbringing and listen to me again and again you are expecting your own freedom and I am beginning to realize that when you finally leave my home, my world and go your own way my lights will automatically turn off and my world One will be full of darkness. Although whenever you come back on a tour, I will enlighten you with innumerable and pretend that it is not a permanent energy failure; We are just celebrating Diwali. I already miss the little boy you were but I am so proud of the man you were. #Mamabia #moustachemskatiers

A post shared by Twinkle Khanna (tunclekhana) September 15, 2020 at 4:26 p.m.


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Twinkle Khanna further wrote that I still remember that little, intelligent boy but you have become human now, I am also proud of him. Let me tell you that Twinkle Khanna recently celebrated the birthday of her husband Akshay Kumar. He arrived at their shooting set and wished to cut the cake. Akshay Kumar and Twinkle Khanna are currently in Scotland. Akshay is busy shooting for his next film Bellbottom.

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