Gabbar of Bollywood fell in love with a 14-year-old girl, said- ‘Grow up soon, I will marry you’

Will tell about Amjad Khan’s love life, which you may not know.

Gabbar aka Amjad Khan Love Story: There have been many villains in the world of Bollywood, whose performances have been liked by the people, but in this industry there have been some villains whose acting and whose characters have become immortal forever. Gabbar Singh of Bollywood i.e. Amjad Khan is included in this list. Amjad Khan, who ruled millions of hearts with his acting, may not be in this world today, but the stories of his life are often discussed.Also Read – Bollywood’s Danger Villain Gabbar’s daughter is Husn ki Mallika, gives beauty to film beauties – Pics

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Today we will tell you about Amjad Khan’s love life, which you may not know. The love story of the most dangerous villain of the film world is no less than a film story. Amjad Khan was married to Shehla Khan in the year 1972. It is said that when Amjad first met Shehla, Shehla was 14 years old. Also Read – Beautiful daughters of these dreaded villains are carved with marble like beauty, ‘Mogambo”s daughter is the queen of this field

amjad khan

Amjad was in college at that time and both used to go to play together. Both were also neighbors of each other. During this time Amjad fell in love with Shehla. Amjad asked Shehla what is your age, then she told 14 years. Then Amjad said, ‘You grow up soon, I want to marry you.’

amjad khan

Like every love story, there were difficulties in their love story, but finally in the year 1972, both of them got married. Amjad and Shehla’s love story is remembered even today. Both of them had completed the childhood love with a lot of hard work.


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