From Shah Rukh Khan to Suhana, Gauri Khan has shared the lockdown experience of the family

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan is spending time at home with his family these days to rescue him from Corona. Meanwhile, Gauri Khan shared the family lockdown experience in a recent interview. In which he told how he went from Shah Rukh Khan to Betty Suhana Khan in a locked time.

Speaking on NDTV, Gauri said, ‘Suhana had an online school, which made her very busy. Luckily Aryan’s college was barely over, so he wanted a break. He is doing the same. Relax, watch movies and play games. Abram had a school and it was new. At first it was a bit difficult for kids this age but he is doing well. Spend more time with family and we are all together. ‘

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Gauri Khan said that Shah Rukh Khan also cooked during the lockdown. She said, ‘During the lockdown, we are all afraid to order food outside for fear that is why Shah Rukh used to cook the food himself and we all enjoy it. They cook a lot and eat me. ‘

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Regarding her journey with Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri said, ‘I was only 21 years old when I came to Mumbai and I had no plans. I’m just giving up what was happening, luckily it got better. Looking back, I don’t feel bad. ‘He added,‘ I really didn’t realize that even after his pictures were released and given a blockbuster. This was his struggle. We went through ups and downs. He has done very well for himself. We are all enjoying his hard work today. ‘

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