First Look: The first look of Khesarilal’s movie ‘Dulhin Wahi Jo Piya Mann Bhaye’ has been released, trailer will be coming soon

The trailer of Khesari Lal movie Dulhan Wahi Jo Pia Mann Vaye has been released soon. The trailer of this movie will also be released soon.

Khesari Lal movie Dulhan Wahi Joe Pia Mann Bhoye The first look trailer released will be released soon- The first look of Bhojpuri movie ‘Dulhin Wahi Jo Piya Mann Bhaye’ has been released in the new year. The trailer of this movie will also be released soon. The film stars Bhojpuri superstars Khesarilal Yadav, Kajal Raghawani, Madhu Sharma and Padma Singh in the lead roles. In one part of the published poster of the film, Khesarlal Yadav is seen with Kajal Raghavani and in the second part with Madhu Sharma. Read more – Actress Vanita Kharat poses in Shahid Kapoor’s nude photoshoot; The picture has gone viral

The first look of the film says that it is going to be a romantic film, on the other hand the name shows that it is a social and family film. Read more – Rahat Fateh Ali’s song ‘Abhyasak’ got 100 crore views, Khan Sahab said thank you

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Khesari Lal Photo Dulhan Wahi Jo Piya Mann Vaye First Look

Abhay Sinha, Prashant Jammuwala and Sameer Aftab have acted in ‘Dulhin Wahe Jo Piya Mann Bhaye’. The writer and composer of the film is Rajneesh Mishra. After a long time, Rajneesh Mishra is directing a film again. Read more – Rajshree was upset with the daring scene in ‘Sacred Games’, people started talking about porn stars and videos …

The makers of the film said that 90 percent of the film was shot in London. Last year, the film went a year ahead due to Corona, but now the film will be released on a large scale.


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