Find out who is Mizan Jafri who is discussing his relationship with Amitabh’s granddaughter Navi?

Mizan Jafri is currently the topic of discussion on social media. Bollywood superstar Amitabh Bachchan’s granddaughter Navya Naveli Nanda. He recently made his Instagram account public. Meanwhile, Mizan commented on one of his pictures with heart emoji saying ‘Can you show me your face’. Since then, the relationship between Navi and Mizan has started again.

Who is Mizan Jafri?

Mizan Jafri is the son of renowned film actor and comedian Javed Jafri. Mizan and Navi were both studying together in New York. In 2019, the two were seen together on a film date, and since then the two have been on the verge of a relationship. Mizan made her debut in 2019 with Sanjay Leela Vonsali’s film Malal. In this film, she was seen opposite Sharmin Sehgal, niece of Sanjay Leela Vonsali. Her next film is Priya Darshan’s Hangama sequel Hangama 2, where she is seen. Actors like Shilpa Sethi and Paresh Rawal have also acted in the film.

When Mizan expressed his desire to marry Navi

Let us tell you that earlier Mizan had said during an interview that he would like to marry Navya Naveli Nanda if he gets a chance to get married. In fact, in a conversation with Zoom, Mizan was asked if you chose Ali Khan, Navya Naveli Nanda and Ananya Pandey to kill, marry and hook up? Mizan says that he wants to marry Navi, gets involved with Sara Ali Khan and likes Ananya Pandey.

Minaj talks about the relationship

In the same interview, Mizan also talked about adding names with Navarre. He said that if the two of us had no relationship why would I accept it. Friendship also has a relationship, not just a boyfriend-girlfriend dating relationship. Even if we are spotted together somewhere, that doesn’t mean we’re both dating each other.


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