Entertainment EXCLUSIVE: ‘Bigg Boss’ changed the life of Gautam Gulati, know the story of Radhe’s ‘Chameleon’ look

Even after playing a negative role in Salman Khan’s Eid film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai, Gautam Gulati fell into the hearts of the audience. Gautam is getting a lot of accolades for the role of ‘Chameleon’. Gautam worked on TV for a long time and then also showed up in OTT and Bollywood. In such a situation, Gautam Gulati had a special conversation with Hindustan about his personal and professional life.

What was the difference in life after winning Bigg Boss?

It was only after Bigg Boss that real change took place in life, till that time life was going on simple. There was a routine set that one had to get up at 7-8 in the morning to go for a shoot of the show, then to go free at 8 o’clock, meaning a routine was set. Along with this, there were three four-year contracts, fixed life. But then Big Boss happened and yes before Big Boss a film was released at the Const Film Festival, after that I got a little clearer what to do. After that film I got a lot of respect internally, then I had left the TV show and thought that now I will only do films. Then Big Boss happened and everything changed. Some decisions resulted in loss of money but money was never a priority for me, I had to do something new and good. I shot for 25 days a month for 8 years, but after Bigg Boss, I started exploring myself, which I want to do even further.

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What issues did you and Salman Khan often discuss during the shoot?

Salman sir is always working, he never sits empty. Apart from coffee or lunch etc., he is always very active and keeps working. We used to talk about films and characters. We used to talk about what to do next, there was very little talk about perfect fitness, because we know that we are fit.

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According to you, what is one of the best things about Salman Khan? Only one…?


What is your relation ship status and how long will you get the good news of marriage?

I don’t think of all this yet man, it will happen…

Tell us about the story behind your look in ‘Chameleon’?

My look in the film was decided by Salman Sir. My look, he was not sitting right according to the character, so he applied my hair on the gel, tried something else but did not enjoy it. After this, Sir said- Blow away? So I also said- Yes sir, if we do this then only the character will be frozen. Then Prabhudeva sir also dissuaded that just like this. To be fair, I was also thinking as an actor that when the chameleon smiles after the short hair, then the killer villain will take place. So we designed this look only after Salman Sir’s idea.

A character you are waiting for resolutely?

Hmmm…. There are so many of my dream characters and I am sure that I will definitely get a chance to do something like that in the coming time. I want to do a clown-like character in ‘The Dark Night Rises’. Along with this, there is a series ‘U’, I would like to do a character like that He is very decent, works in the library, but at the same time he also stocks a girl. While there he is a killer, he is a lover. I want to do something like that. I believe that keep trying and one day some kind of character will definitely be found. I want to do challenging roles.

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Tell us about your upcoming projects ..?

Right now I am reading some scripts, not the final… which will be liked and the final will be… that will be shared with you.


Entertainment EXCLUSIVE Bigg Boss changed the life of Gautam Gulati

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