Diljit responded to the rumors of tax investigation by criticizing the critics

Punjabi actor and singer Diljit Dosanh has responded to rumors of an IT department investigation against him on Twitter. Dosandha shared a government-issued certificate on Twitter thanking him for paying the tax. After more than a month of supporting the peasant movement and supporting the heated debate with actress Kangana Ranaut, Diljit Dosandh was the target on social media. Diljit Dosao also criticized his critics while sharing the certificate. Diljit Dosandha wrote, ‘I don’t mind, but take it. Today the situation is such that we have to prove that we are citizens of India. Don’t spread so much hatred. Three should not run in the air. A lot of the time goes here and there.

In another tweet, Diljit Dosandh wrote, ‘Read my platinum certificate here. Acknowledgment of your cooperation in making this country great. People who call themselves patriots on Twitter are not automatically patriots. We have to work for this. In this tweet, Diljit Dosao also shared the Platinum Certificate issued by the Ministry of Finance. This certificate states that the Government of India would like to thank you for paying income tax and filing ITR for 2019-20 on their behalf.

Attacking the trolls, Diljit Dosandh said that people have no business other than spreading false news. Diljit wrote jokingly, ‘All day long he spreads false news on Twitter. The man is busy with his work and gets a chance to tell stories. Don’t worry, Dad is watching. Let me do what I’m doing. This is the work of these poor people. Let us know that Diljit Dosah has openly supported the farmers’ movement. In December, he reached the Singhu border in Delhi to address the peasant movement and announced a grant of one crore rupees to the peasants.

Let us know that Platinum Certificate is issued to taxpayers who pay tax of Rs 1 crore or more in a financial year. In addition, one gets a bronze certificate for tax submission up to Rs 10 lakh. Silver certificate is given for 10 to 50 lakhs and gold certificate is given for paying tax for 50 to 1 crore rupees. On top of that, a Platinum Certificate is available, shared by Diljit Dosah.


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