Criticizing ‘Coolie No. 1’, actor Varun Dhawan said – yes, I’m not cool or I don’t care

The movie ‘Coolie No. 1’ starring Bollywood actors Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan has been released on December 25. It was published on the OTT platform. The film received mixed reactions on social media. Some people thought the film was quite entertaining. At the same time, some criticized it. It is very important for Varun Dhawan to get people’s response in this film. Recently there was a discussion with Varun Dhawan about the criticism of the film, to which the actor said that he does not object, because not everything can be a hit or not.

Speaking on a news portal, Varun Dhawan said, “It is difficult to work. There is more to life than meets the eye. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. I enjoy making a movie for myself which means everyone has to be happy. Public feedback means a lot to me

Varun further said that I can be fake and also try to be cool, because my picture is in OTT. This is my audience and this is what I do. That says I’m not cool, because I also do a lot of bad movies, well I’m not cool and I don’t mind.

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It is learned that ‘Coolie No. 1’ is directed by Varun Dhawan’s father David Dhawan. It shows Varun Dhawan and Sara Ali Khan having a romance. The story of the film remains the same as the old ‘Coolie No. 1’.


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