Bollywood made its debut in 2021 with the film ‘Animal’

The new year has started in Bollywood with the teaser of Sandeep Reddy’s film ‘Animal’. The film stars Ranbir Kapoor, Parineeti Chopra, Anil Kapoor and Bobby Deol. This image has already been discussed. Meanwhile, its teaser was released on the night of December 31st.

The teaser of ‘Animal’ is starting with Ranbir Kapoor’s voice. In it, they are talking about father-son relationship. The tidder then ends with a few shots and a whistle.

In this thriller and action film, Anil Kapoor will be seen playing the role of Ranbir’s father, and Bobby Deol will play the role of a villain. Sharing the teaser of the film, Anil Kapoor wrote, “Hey boy! This new year gets better with ‘Animal’

The film is produced by Bhushan Kumar and Krishna Kumar’s T-Series, Pranoy Reddy Wanger Bhadrakali Pictures and Murad Khetani’s Cinema Studios. Apart from animals, Ranbir is currently in the lineup of ‘Brahmastra’ with Ayon Mukherjee and ‘Shamsher’ of Yashraj Films. ‘Animal’ is expected to appear in mid-2021.

Ranbir is currently on holiday with Alia Bhatt and her family. During this time, rumors also surfaced that Ranbir was going to be involved about Cooper and Alia Bhatt. That is why family members have also gathered. But imagining this speculation, Ranbir Kapoor’s uncle Randhir Kapoor said that it was like a normal holiday. “This is not true. If Ranbir and Alia had got engaged today, my family and I would have stayed with them. Ranbir, Alia and Nitu are on holiday and we went there to celebrate the New Year. The news of their engagement is completely wrong,” Randhir Kapoor told The Indian Express. “”


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