Bollywood actor reaches court over dog fight, seeks divorce from wife


The lawsuit was settled out of court over a two-dog fight between Bollywood actor Arunodaya Singh and his Canadian wife Lee Elton. The Jabalpur High Court heard the divorce petition on Wednesday. The High Court has sought the record of the Bhopal family court over the dispute that started between Arunodaya’s doggie and his wife’s doggie. The whole case is about unilaterally challenging the divorce decision. The next hearing is scheduled for October 30.

The case relates to Arunodaya Singh, son of Madhya Pradesh Congress leader Ajay Singh. Lee Elton argued in his application that Arunodaya had not given him any information about the divorce and had obtained a unilateral decree of divorce against him. The petition said the Bhopal court’s order in this regard should be quashed. Lee Elton and Arunodaya Singh, both Canadians, registered under the Special Marriage Act in Bhopal.


A few days after the marriage, the mutual tension between the two increased. Arunodaya has suddenly stopped running by 2019. On May 10, 2019, a divorce case was filed against Lee Elton in Bhopal Family Court.

Meanwhile, Lee Elton went to Canada and sued Arunodaya for maintaining and restoring marital relations in Mumbai. Meanwhile, on December 18, 2019, without the information of Lee Elton, the Bhopal Kutum court passed a unilateral decree of divorce.



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