Black Fungus: Mucoramycosis ie ‘Black Fungus’ has been declared an epidemic in Delhi too

Black Fungus: After Corona, it was declared an epidemic amidst the fast growing cases of Black Fungus in Delhi.

Black Fungus: After Corona, it was declared an epidemic amidst the fast growing cases of black fungus in Delhi. In view of the danger of mucoramycosis, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi issued rules on ‘Black Fungus’ under the Epidemic Act. The Delhi government has issued a formal notification for this. Recently, Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal had said that black fungus would be declared an epidemic in Delhi also if needed. It is known that on the last Friday ie May 21, there were about 200 cases of black fungus in Delhi, while on Wednesday, May 26, the number has exceeded 600. Also Read – Import of Black Fungus medicine will not be customs, high court orders

In the notification issued by the Delhi government, it was said that all the hospitals will give information about every suspected and confirmed cases of black fungus to the health department. Also, all hospitals will follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Health to detect, investigate and treat blanc fungus infection. Also Read – White Fungus can be very fatal, pierced due to infection in woman’s intestine, first case came in Delhi

Let us know that black fungus epidemic has been declared in many states. On the other hand, the first case of its kind in the entire intestine of a Kovid-19 patient has been reported due to white fungus in Delhi’s Sir Gangaram Hospital. The doctors gave this information. Also Read – Aspergillosis: Risk of Aspergillosis Infection After Black, White and Yellow Fungus, Many Cases Occur in Gujarat

Dr. Anil Arora, chairman of the Institute of Gastroentrology and Pencreaticobiliary Sciences at the hospital, said, ‘People with Kovid-19 have seen cases of one or two holes due to white fungus in their intestines, but in this case from the food pipe to many holes have been found at the bottom of the large intestine. He said, ‘As far as we are aware, in the corona virus infection, the white fungus (Candida) has never been exposed to many holes in the food pipe, small intestine, large intestine.’

The doctor said that the matter was also discussed with experts at Boston’s Massachusetts General Hospital three days ago. He said that the 49-year-old woman was admitted to Sir Gangaram Hospital on May 13 due to complaints of severe abdominal pain, vomiting and constipation. Her breast was removed in December last year due to breast cancer and she underwent chemotherapy till four weeks ago. In a statement issued by the hospital, it was said, “On doing a CT scan of the stomach of the patient, it was found that there is water and air in the stomach which is caused by a hole in the intestine.”

The next day the patient underwent surgery. It was found that there are holes in the lower part of the patient’s food pipe. Due to gangrene in one part of the small intestine, that part was removed. The layer of cologne had also become very thin and there was leakage from one place in it. The doctor said, ‘The holes were closed and the gangrene part was removed. It was a difficult surgery that lasted for four hours. A part of the intestine was sent for biopsy.


Black Fungus Mucoramycosis ie Black Fungus has been declared an

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