‘Bikini killer’ Charles Sovraj feared that these pictures would appear on the lifeline list of evil criminals

‘Bikini killer’ Charles Sovraj feared that these pictures would appear on the lifeline list of evil criminals

Charles Sobhraj: The life of a naughty criminal who escaped with the eyes of suspected serial killer, fraud, security and police members still attracts film and OTT producers.

Charles Sobhraj: Charles Sovraj, the infamous international criminal known as ‘Bikini Killer’, became quite popular in his youth with names like ‘The Splitting Killer’ and ‘The Snake’. Even several years after the arrest, the lives of suspected serial killers, fraudsters, security guards and rogue criminals who fled leaving dust in the eyes of policemen still attract film and OTT producers.

Sobhraj’s birthday is April 6. Let’s take a look at some of the films about his life:

Snake (2021)

Sobhraj’s life is in the news once with the new OTT series ‘The Snake’. It stars Algerian actor of French descent in the role of Tahar Rahim Sovraj. The eight-episode series is the latest show based on Sobhraj’s life.

In this show, Sobhraj is portrayed as a ruthless killer. The second episode of the show had very few opportunities to portray him as a ‘victim of the situation’. In the second episode he is shown emphatically that when he was 15 years old, he felt that no one really wanted him .. He was deprived of everything. Although Sobhraj is portrayed as a soulless, demon-possessed person in most of the episodes of ‘The Serpent’, the series tries to portray his human side through multiple scenes.

Snake (not yet released)

According to the report, the three seasons of the series will be made in Hindi and English based on Farrukh Dhandi’s research and Sovraj’s interview. This series will stream on G5.

Me and Charles (2015)

Randeep Hooda has played the lead role in ‘Or Or Charles’ published by Prabal Raman in 2015 based on Charles’ biography. Adil Hussain played the role of Amod Kanth, a senior police officer investigating the Sovraj case. It was an impressive film, but it didn’t do well at the box office. Director Raman said that he wanted to show the image of the then Sobhraj on the screen which he enjoyed in public.

Raman said: “I always tried to present him on screen exactly as he planned and portrayed him around the world. He was an educated and smart educated naughty criminal, but he was wrong in the eyes of the law. But his portrayal fails when one clearly considers that the police and the laws of different countries have expelled him. “

Actor Alex O’Neill, who played Richard Thomas, Sobhraj’s partner during his escape from Tihar Jail, said that while researching for his character, he found out how much the people around Sobhraj were influenced by his association.

How to befriend Sovraj, or Serial Killer (2004)

In 2004, Finnish filmmaker John Welman made a documentary called ‘How to be a friend with a showrunner’ (2004). Sobhraj was arrested on September 22, 2003. The film sparked renewed interest at the time.

The Shadow of Cobra (1989)

The TV movie is based on Richard Neville’s and Julie Clark’s book ‘The Life and Crimes of Charles Sovereign’. This two hour and 45 minute TV movie is divided into two episodes. The book’s content was updated for an eighties audience. The focus was on how Sovraj attacked Western tourists in Southeast Asia in the 1920s.

The film starred Arta Malik, a British actor of Pakistani descent. He has done a great job in the film. Leveler, Sobhraj’s girlfriend, has starved Australian actress Helen Budde.


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