Biggie Boss 14 Controversy between John Kumar Sanu and Nikki

Biggie Boss 14: Controversy between John Kumar Sanu and Nikki Tamboli, angrily called ‘Double Hokley’

In Bigg Boss 14, the pair of Nicky Tamboli and Jan Kumar Sanu were quite well received by the audience. This pair is winning the hearts of their viewers with their friendship, love, debate. But now there seems to be a rift between them. However, after an argument between Jan and Nikki on Saturday, they called him ‘Double Hokley’.

In fact, Rugina doesn’t want Nicky’s status to be ‘confirmed’ in the Bigg Boss’s house, she wants her status to be ‘confirmed to two’. He thinks Nikki is quite arrogant and doesn’t deserve to be at home. Meanwhile, Rubina speaks to Nikki in front of the other members of the house and says that she is not entitled to stay in the house and why should we vote for Double Hokley even if it is so wrong?

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After that, Rubina looked at the camera and asked the audience to vote for Ijaz.

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Let’s find out since Nikki’s status was confirmed in the Bigg Boss’s house, her behavior has changed. Jan and Nishant try to convince them that Nikki started fighting with them saying that she is not their true friend and they should have known their mistakes. He said that you two are not my true friends. If you think I’m wrong, you shouldn’t tell me in front of other members of the household.

Runa then informs Jan that she is proud that she is talking openly about Nikki’s ‘arrogance’. But Nikki is a sure member of the household. Bigg Boss kept Nicky’s status ‘confirmed’ due to lack of sensation among family members.

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Let me tell you that earlier there was a musical concert between Rahul Vaidya and Jan Kumar Sanu, where Nikki gave the song a happy kiss.


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