Bigg Boss 14: Mona Lisa’s killer ‘Kamali’ sets fire to pole dance hall, fire erupts in viral video

Mona Lisa will enter the house of Bigg Boss 14 and this time she will perform a bahatari dance in front of her house mates, watching everyone’s senses fly.

Buggy Boss 14 is still going to celebrate the New Year and this time, many stars of Carlos are going to entertain the members of the house and break the atmosphere of the house as well as the Bhojpuri actress who was a part of Bid Boss. Mona Lisa. After moving out of the Bigg Boss house, Mona Lisa has become very fit and has made a name for herself with many TV shows. In such a situation he is now coming to entertain the members of the house. Read more – Bikash Gupta on mother: Bikash complains of his brother crying, ‘He took my mother …’

Inside the Big Boss house, Mona Lisa will give a great dance performance that will surprise everyone. Mona Lisa performed a pole dance to Katrina Kaif’s Kamali song on G Boss 14, which was also praised by the audience. Mona Lisa also shared the related video on her Instagram account, which has been viewed more than 90,000 times so far. A related video has also been shared on Colors’ social media. Read more – Nishant Singh Malkhani Accident: Bigg Boss 14 Contestant Nishant Singh Accident Happened In The New Year, Saying ‘I’m Good With Mother’s Blessings’

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Check out this post on Instagram

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Mona Lisa is seen in a red dress at this time and the other members of the house do a pole dance after her dance is over. Apart from Mona Lisa, Nagin 5 star Survi Chandana and Sharad Malhotra will also be seen playing with the contestants. In addition to them, the lead cast of Caller Serial Mulki and Barrister Babu will be introduced to the families of Bigg Boss.


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