Bigg Boss 14: Ali Gani tells Rakhi Sawant – crazy woman, says – I will do a lot of torture

Rakhi Sawant has started targeting Ali Gani in reality show Bigg Boss 14. A promotional video for the new episode of the show has been released, where Rakhi is seen questioning the relationship between Ali Gani and Jasmine Vasin. Ali became so enraged that he called Rakhi Sawant a mad woman.

Rakhi says in the video, “Ali ji do you love and continue to love.” “That’s my life,” says Ali. I love him. Then Rakhi teases Ali and tells him that he loves you. Ali says you love me with you.

Rakhi tells Jasmine about Ali, “If you have a girlfriend, you must talk.” On hearing this, Ali says, “Who are you, who are these people scattering me.” You are looking for the wrong goal.

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Ali added, “If anyone talks to you, it will be effective.” If I tell you something about your old days, it will happen. “” Rakhi said, “Where old, I say what I see now. The dispute between the two grew so much that Ali even talked to Rakhi Sawant as a mad woman. He would say,” If I look at you now and say you’re a crazy woman, it’ll work. “I’m a guitarist too. Not everything is for the camera.

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Let us tell you that in Thursday’s episode Jasmine Vasin asked Ali to propose to her and win the hearts of her family so that the two can get married later. Ali and Jasmine have been friends for many years but now both of them want to take this relationship forward and get married.


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