Bhojpuri Song: The youth of sixteen years is not good, see Neelam’s tremors in ‘Qamar Lapakua’

‘Qamar Lapakua’ rocked with its release.

KAMAR LAPKAUAA- In Bhojpuri music industry, Worldwide Records Bhojpuri rocked YouTube with the release of singer Ankush Raja and trending girl Neelam Giri’s video song ‘Qamar Lapakua’ on Tuesday. Ankush Raja and trending singer Shilpi Raj have decorated this song with their melodious voice. Millions of people have seen this song within a few hours of its release. The latke-jhatke of Ankush Raja and Neelam Giri in the song has made the audience crazy. Also Read – Two girls became ‘boys’ and fell in love with sister-in-law on Facebook, both had to commit suicide

Neelam Giri is looking beautiful and attractive in this song. The song is beautifully shot in which there is a confluence of dance, location, costume, dancers and style. Also Read – The teacher gave a love letter to the 8th student and said – make sure to call; The girl…

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Ever since the teaser of this song was released, presented by Worldwide Records, the audience was eagerly waiting for the song.

While people are liking Neelam Giri’s style, Ankush Raja’s dance in a very romantic style and his energy is worth watching.

Ratnakar Kumar is the producer of the song presented by Worldwide Records. The song is sung by Ankush Raja and Shilpi Raj while the music is composed by Chhotu Rawat, lyricist Bose Rampuri and director Ravi Pandit.


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