Before Shahid Kapoors marriage Mira asked Rajput this question you

Before Shahid Kapoor’s marriage, Mira asked Rajput this question, you will know what his wife answered

Shahid Kapoor recently revealed what he asked when he met his wife Mira Rajput before marriage. Shahid recently told a magazine in an interview that when he met Mira, the two were sitting on 2 big sofas. At that time there was no one but the two of them. At that time Shahid thought we can survive for 15 minutes?

Then Shahid asked Meera, why do you want to marry someone who is much older than you? Mira replied, why do you want to marry a girl at such a young age?

Please say that the two were married, Shahid was 34 years old and Mir was 21 years old.

Shahid said – Mira is the best

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Once during the No Filter Neha chat show, Shahid said about their relationship, ‘We start fighting over any issue at any time. But I am very happy that Mira is in my life. I know he is the best for me. Well, I’m fine for that too. ‘

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The mother-in-law also praised

In an interview a while ago, Shahid’s mother Neelima said about Meera, “Meera has kept the whole family together. Mira has given a lot of love and joy to Shahid and the whole family. ‘

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Neelima added, ‘When Shahid liked Mira, I went to see her. I found Mira very sweet and young. I thought she was a child, so beautiful and innocent ive but then Mira managed the family well. Mira handled herself very well. My family is complete now. “

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