Anupamaa: Anupama and Kavya’s tremendous rift between Samar-Nandini’s engagement, know why

The famous show of small screen ‘Anupama’ does not remain on top of the TRP list every week. The tremendous twists and turns in this serial do not let the audience’s interest diminish. These days the track of engagement of Samar and Nandini is going on in ‘Anupama’. While there is a very happy atmosphere on one hand, on the other hand there is a tremendous rift between Kavya and Anupama. At the same time, something like this is going to be seen in the coming episodes, due to which there will be a lot of drama in the engagement of Samar-Nandini.

raging kavya

In the latest episode, at the behest of Anupama, Leela attends the engagement ceremony and blesses Samar and Nandini. Apart from this, Vanraj also comes to bless, while when Anupama asks Kavya to bless her, Kavya gets angry and blames everyone. She gets angry to change the decision. Bapuji and Leela try to convince Kavya not to spoil the atmosphere on the happy occasion but Kavya does not stop.

questions about bad behavior

Kavya is angry that the family did not accept her but adopted Nandini. At the same time, Bapu ji agrees to adopt Kavya on this matter, but everyone believes that Kavya’s bad behavior does not allow her to become someone’s own. Vanraj somehow manages the matter but after that again when Anupama tries to feed Kavya a cake, she makes it.

Anupama-Kavya’s fight

The quarrel between Kavya and Anupama escalates when Kavya teases Anupama that she has bought a cake by asking Vanraj for money. Anupama replies to Kavya that the cake is therefore ordered for Samar’s happiness. But this controversy does not end here… Kavya and Anupama’s fight is going to bring a big twist in Samar and Nandani’s engagement.

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