Aamir Khan Spit on Madhuri Dixit hand-There are many such stories in Bollywood which fans are surprised after knowing. The talk is about the superhit film of both of them. During the shoot, Aamir told Madhuri that he is adept at seeing hands. He has done this with many actresses. When Madhuri Dixit came to know about this, she also reached out to Aamir to show his hand. Also Read – anecdote: Karan Johar, who was always abused for sexualty, used to fly in school too, joking, he said – I did not even know…

Aamir held Madhuri’s hand in her hand and spit on her. Madhuri felt very bad about this. He also reprimanded Aamir for this. But Aamir was very much at that timeThis super hit film of Madhuri Dixit completed 30 years, worked with Aamir Khan, such memories Was in the mood for fun. They did not back down. Not only this, there were a lot of scenes between the two in this film, which Aamir Khan kept repeating with Madhuri even after the camera was turned off. Also Read – Priyanka Chopra wreaked havoc again in these pictures;

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Madhuri dixit

When Madhuri loses the bet with Aamir in a scene of the film, then Aamir kisses them. After this scene was shot, Aamir told Inder Kumar that he was not satisfied with this scene. So it should be shot again. At the behest of Aamir, Inder Kumar started shooting again and Aamir started. Aamir used to repeat the scene repeatedly and insisted on ‘One More One More’. While shooting the scene – when it was too late, Madhuri became paranoid and started looking at Inder Kumar. Seeing them upset, Indra Kumar and Aamir Khan started laughing loudly. Also Read – Shabir Ahluwalia’s wife is not in beauty any less, the breath stops with Husn-e-Didar

Aamir Khan Birthday Special Story: Aamir Khan spits on Juhi Chawla's hand when actress refuses to kiss him

Let me tell you, Juhi had worked with Aamir in another film called Ishq. But on the set of the film, Aamir had done such an act with Juhi, which caused Juhi to become angry. And vowed never to work with Aamir again.

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juhi chawla, bold look

Actually, Aamir told Juhi that he knows astrology. They know how to watch hands. On this, as soon as Juhi showed Aamir his hand, he spit on his hand and ran away. Juhi did not like this lewd joke of Aamir at all. Juhi refused to do a shoot with Aamir.