Ananya and Ishan return from Maldives to celebrate New Year’s holiday at Mumbai airport

In the last week or two of the New Year, many celebrities have been seen going to different places to celebrate the New Year. All these stars were going to different places to celebrate the New Year holidays. Meanwhile, many of the couples have reportedly arrived in the Maldives to celebrate the New Year. These included celebrities like Kiara Advani-Siddharth Malhotra and Khali-Pili co-stars Ananya Pandey and Shan Khattar.

The Maldives is a very beautiful island, where many celebrities go on vacation. Recently, Ananya and Ishan were also seen flying from Mumbai airport. Since then there have been reports that these people are going to the Maldives for holidays. The pair have been spotted at the Mumbai airport again and it is being speculated that the two have returned from their trip to the Maldives.

A photo taken by another Pandey and Ishan Khattar at the Mumbai airport has remained a topic of discussion on social media. In this picture, these two stars are seen leaving the airport. At this point Ananya was seen wearing a white crop top and sneaker pants, while Ishan was seen in a pre-shirt shirt and pants. Both had masks on their faces.

Meanwhile, Ananya and Ishan both shared pictures of Maldives on social media and wished the fans a Happy New Year. Ishan Khattar wrote a 2021 greeting message for fans, shared some videos and photos. Ananya also shared some of her great photos and wrote a message addressed to the fans, “Thank you 2020 for all the education and love! Now I wish all of us good health with love, happiness, encouragement and positivity.” We have to move towards 2021. “

A few days ago, Ishan shared a picture of Ananya wearing a bikini, which gave a lot of air to the news of the two dating each other.


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