After the party video that went viral in sarees, Swara Bhaskar showed her bold steps … Fans are crazy

After the party video that went viral in sarees, Swara Bhaskar showed her bold steps … Fans are crazy

Share Swara Bhaskar Video of sari dance: After the video of the party went viral, Swara Bhaskar showed the sensitive steps of wearing sari on her social media.

Share one after the video on Swara Bhaskar social media and be heated to manage it: Swara Bhaskar is known for his impeccable style as well as great acting. As active as Swara Bhaskar is acting in politics, the actress gives her opinion on every issue and that is why she has also become a victim of trolls. But this time Swara Bhaskar has shown a different avatar on her social media, which is very much liked by the fans and people are deadly lovers in this video.
Sharing this video, Swara Bhaskar wrote, “After a party alone”, although there is no specific reason, there are good reasons. Swara Bhaskar posted it on Instagram on Friday i.e. this morning. The actress is dancing to the king’s song ‘Tarifa’ in this video. Read more – Amitabh Bachchan vaccinates corona with family and staff, Malaika Aurora, 47, takes first dose

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Actress Swara Bhaskar, who is known for her useless style, has shared the video on her social media so that the actress can be seen in party style and this time she is wearing green sari and her hair is open. In this video, she is seen alone after the party.

Actress fans are regularly commenting on this video. Everyone has their own opinion. Some people like their style but some people surround them to talk about politics.


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