Shahabuddin was forced to stay in jail with an infected prisoner, he did not separate even after repeatedly saying

Mohammad Shahabuddin dead: An inmate sharing the prison ward with Shahabuddin was confirmed to have an infection in early April.

Mohammad Shahabuddin dead: Bihar’s Bahubali leader Mohammad Shahabuddin died on Saturday while battling Kovid-19. It is alleged that former RJD MP Shahabuddin was forced to live in the ward of Tihar Jail where Kovid-19 was an infected prisoner. On April 28, Delhi High Court had also filed a writ petition in this regard by its lawyers Senior Advocates Salman Khurshid and Randhir Kumar. It appealed to Justice Pratibha M. Singh that the health of the petitioner should be monitored to save his life. They should be allowed to keep mobiles so that they stay in touch with their family members. Also Read – CoronaVirus: So was Bihar’s Bahubali Shahabuddin rumored to have died from Corona? Not official confirmation

Lawyers told the court that an inmate, who was sharing the ward of the jail with Shahabuddin, had confirmed the infection in early April. But despite confirmation of infection to the prisoner, the jail authorities kept the former MP in the same cell. No separate arrangement was made by the jail administration for the petitioner. Despite repeated requests, he was forced to share the cell with the Kovid-19 patient and thus the jail authorities have put the life of the petitioner in danger. Also Read – Bihar’s Bahubali Shahabuddin Corona positive closed in Tihar, know the condition of emperor of crimes

It is known that Shahabuddin was diagnosed with the infection on April 19 and on April 20, he was shifted to the DDU Hospital for treatment. On 28 April, the High Court had said in its order that Shahabuddin should be regularly examined by a doctor so that his life is not threatened. Apart from this, any member of his family was also allowed to talk to give information about his health. Also Read – After two and a half years, Father Lalu’s bail got emotional, stunning, said – There is happiness and this sorrow too…

The petitioner’s lawyers had also told the court that the medicines needed for treatment are not in the market or hospital. And the life of the petitioner is also in danger due to co-morbid illness such as high sugar and blood pressure. His lawyers told the court that Shahabuddin was ‘a victim of political rivalry’ and expressed apprehension that his life could be ‘intentionally jeopardized by the authorities’ and that ‘manipulation could not be dismissed’.


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