Covid-19 Third Wave: Third wave of Kovid will not come in the country, if Indians do these two things – IIMS Chief said

Covid-19 Third Wave in India Update: Dr Randeep Guleria, Director, All India Institute of Medical Science (IIMS) has given important information on the possible third wave of Kovid.

Covid-19 Third Wave in India Update: After the first and second wave of corona virus in the country, the discussion of a possible third wave is in full swing. State governments are already preparing to deal with a possible third wave. Meanwhile All India Institute of Medical Science (IIMS) Director of Dr. Randeep Guleria (Dr Randeep Guleria) Has given important information. Also Read – Vaccine/Covaxin For Children: AIIMS chief has given date, this month vaccine will come for children

He said today on Thursday that if people take precautions and India is able to vaccinate a large population, then the third wave of the Kovid epidemic may not even come. Dr Guleria said this to news agency ANI on the question of the third wave of Corona. He said that it depends on how we behave. If we are careful and vaccinate a significant portion of the population, the third wave may not come or it will have little effect. Also Read – Covid Will Seriously Impact Children In Third Waves? How dangerous will the third wave be for children? Know the words of AIIMS chief

Similarly, giving his views on the combination of vaccines, the Director of AIIMS said that more data is needed on the dosage mix. The studies that have come out show that it can be effective. Before we can say that we should try such a policy, we need more data. Also Read – When will the Covid-19 Vaccine be available in abundance in the country? AIIMS director gave this big statement

On the number of active cases of Kovid in the country, Dr Guleria advised that there are many areas in the country where the positivity rate is high and there is a need to deal aggressively to prevent it from spreading. He said that the cases of infection are decreasing but there are some areas where the rate of infection is still high. We should not allow hotspots to be created in those areas, which can spread the virus to other areas.


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