Yes Bank and IiAS caught in their own trap in Dish TV case, on whose behest all this is happening, know the whole matter

Yes Bank and IiAS seem to be badly caught in their own trap in the matter of removing the directors of Dish TV and now the big question is that at whose behest all this is happening, know what is the whole matter.

Dish TV-Yes Bank Issue: Dish TV and Yes Bank have been in discussion in the stock market for the last few days. The reason for this is that Yes Bank had demanded the removal of 5 directors on the board of Dish TV and this proposal was also supported by proxy advisory firm IiAS. But, now Yes Bank and IiAS themselves seem to be caught in their own trap. The biggest question is arising on them that what is the intention of Yes Bank to keep such demand and why is IiAS also supporting it?Also Read – Weekly Stock Market Outlook 13 to 19 September: Know this week’s stock market update and where to invest safe, watch video

Apart from this, the question is also that what is the intention of both of them behind this? Why are such demands suddenly being made from both the sides? At whose behest is this being done? And what do you want to gain from it? Are Yes Bank and IiAS doing all this at the behest of some big corporate house? Also Read – Coffee Day Enterprises: Coffee Day Enterprises pays Rs 69 lakh to settle the matter with SEBI

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SES said – Change is not possible in the board of Dish TV

Actually, Yes Bank’s demand was already rejected by proxy advisory firm SES and SES had said in its note that the board of Dish TV cannot be changed. For this, the approval of the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting will have to be taken first. The team of Zee Business has gathered some important information in this whole matter. Zee Business Assistant Editor Brajesh Kumar and Executive Editor Swati Khandelwal interacted with people on this entire issue.

Now many questions seem to be arising on the basis of this. It is feared that both IiAS and Yes Bank are doing all this at the behest of some corporate house. What was the intention behind the demand for Yes Bank supported by IiAS? What is their role in this?

Only selective facts came to the fore

Broadly speaking, it can be said that an attempt has been made to mislead the big investors. Full facts related to the case have not been kept. Only a few selective facts have been put forward. IIAS does not want to openly bring this matter to the fore. IIAS recommends withholding the results of Dish TV. The question is, what will be achieved by this? Is an attempt being made to deliberately create doubts in the minds of investors? What is the ultimate purpose of issuing such advisory?

Zee Business questions proxy advisory firm IiAS on Dish TV issue

– Is IIAS trying to mislead big investors?
– IiAS tell that whose benefit is not letting the company pass the results?
– Is IiAS becoming a ‘proxy’ for a big corporate house?
– Is IIAS helping someone with a takeover intent?
SEBI order on the proposed nominee of Yes Bank, why IiAS silent on it?
What is the intention behind raising the issue of selective corporate governance?
Such a director for corporate governance or for the interest of Yes Bank?

Why is IIAS raising questions on corporate governance?

It is clear from the intention of IiAS that a big corporate house wants to buy Dish TV and pressure is being created by spreading such things in the market. Investors are being misled. Yes Bank has proposed its nominee for Dish TV. In this, there is a proposal to make a person as director against whom the order was passed by SEBI. There was an allegation of giving selective disclosure. Just paid the money and settled with SEBI.

In such a situation, the question is whether IiAS does not see the proposal of appointment of such a person on the board of Dish TV. Whether such appointment conforms to the standards of IiAS of Corporate Governance. Why have IiAS ignored similar recommendations in other companies as well? In such a situation, the proxy advisory firm itself seems to be acting like a proxy of a big corporate house.

Who were nominated by Yes Bank?

At the same time, Yes Bank has nominated the names of such people, on whom action has been taken by SEBI itself. Yes Bank sees a problem with Dish TV. But, at the same time, Yes Bank wants to bring such a person on the board of Dish TV against whom there was a regulator’s order. What action is Yes Bank taking against those disbursing frivolous loans earlier? There is no information about this. Those who helped to spoil the health of the bank, have all the people got out of the bank? The board of Yes Bank does not see any shortage in such people? However, in other companies, IiAS sees the issue of corporate governance. There are many issues that call into question the intent.


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