Tomato planting Century, potato digestion, now the onion began to cry

In the Corona era, tomatoes are now centuries old in many places. At the same time, potatoes have started selling at Rs 50 per kg, while the price of onions has doubled in a week, people are losing their tears, though the government is taking immediate measures to curb the rise in onion prices, on Monday, all varieties of onions were exported. Stuck with immediate effect. Nevertheless, prices are rising rapidly. As surprising as the rise in tomato prices is, heavy rains in the south and west of the country have affected tomato supplies. That is why its retail price has reached Rs 100 per kg in Malda, Agal and Imphal. On Tuesday, the retail price of tomatoes in the country was Rs 50, according to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

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Uttar Pradesh, the minimum support price of potatoes, is the state of UP potato production

The ministry monitors the prices of 22 essential products in 114 market centers across the country. These include potatoes, tomatoes and onions. According to the data, the average price of potato and onion in the country stood at Rs 35 per kg on Tuesday. When the maximum price has reached Rs. 0 per kg. Potatoes, onions and tomatoes are an integral part of almost every Indian kitchen. According to official data, tomatoes in four metros in Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai were priced at Rs 3, Rs 7, 80 and Rs 50 each. However, vegetables, hawkers, etc. are selling tomatoes at the official price. When the maximum price has reached Rs 100 per kg.

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The reason for the price increase

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Let us know that onions are sown in both Rabi and Kharif. In Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka this crop is ready between May and November. Besides, this crop grows behind in Madhya Pradesh, Andhra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh and Bengal. Tomato harvest is expected to be less in South India and Maharashtra this year. Due to uncertainty about prices during the Kovid-19 epidemic, farmers have now planted tomatoes on less land. Every year, measures are taken to prevent onion prices from rising. Onion export is prohibited, onion stocking is prohibited. Government agencies started selling onions at lower prices. Once again, the government has stopped the export of all onion varieties with immediate effect.

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