The Modi government will provide pulses at a subsidized rate

The centers have offered to supply processed mugs and urad pulses to the states for retail sale at a subsidized rate. Providing this information, Consumer Affairs Secretary Leena Nandan said that it would help curb the rise in pulses prices. He said mug pulses would be supplied to the states at Rs 92 per kg and urad at Rs 84 to 96 kg. This is much lower than the current market rate.

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Pulses can be found in one or half kilo packs

Nandan told PTI, “This is a new process to reduce retail price hike, which was recently approved by the group of ministers. Under this initiative, the central government has proposed to supply processed mugs and urad pulses in large quantities or in one or half kg packs to the states.” These pulses will be supplied to the states from the buffer stock covered by the fund (PSF). The states can assess their needs and withdraw them after making advance payment

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The order has been issued on September 14

Nandan said the pulses would be given at a subsidized rate for two months till the arrival of new crops. This will include the minimum support price and other fees. The order for Munger was issued on 14 September. It is in process for Urad. The secretary said the dealer’s margin center would be responsible for processing, lift and transportation. This has never been done before.

The retail market price is around Rs 100 per kg

“We are giving these pulses by adding other charges to the MSP,” he said. For example, mug dal will be offered in the states at Rs 92 per kg, while its retail market price is around Rs 100 per kg. He said that similarly, states have been offered urad pulses at Rs 74 per kg from buffer stock. Urad Dhuli will be given Rs 90 and Urad Gota will be given Rs 96 per kg. Nandan said this target intervention would prevent the rise in pulses prices until new crops arrive in the days of scarcity.

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