The growth of employers more than jobs, registering about 30,000 employees a month

Jobs in the country may be reduced, but the number of employers has increased by about 30,000 a month. In other words, the number of recruitment agencies has increased more than the number of jobs. At present, more than 1 lakh employers are registered in the national career portal. Of these, about 32,000 employers registered in December.

The new labor law provides for the use of digital career platforms by central or state governments to provide new jobs. Also, with the increasing use of online platforms or workflow homes in the Corona epidemic, employers have increased the use of this platform for rent. Because of this, articles have started to grow in the last few months.

Monthly job-employer statistics

Months Active work Active employer
August 2020 177000 50,000
September 2020 168000 57,000
October 2020 69,263 57,741
November 2020 68,811 71,014
December 2020 67,670 100769

Tamil Nadu tops the list of new recruits

In August this year, where there were 50,000 employers on the National Career Services Portal, in September, it rose to 57,000. In October, the number rose to 57,741, in November to 71,014 and in December to 1,00,769. In December, Tamil Nadu topped the list of new employers. There are 5,059 people registered here. On the other hand, 4,7,117 new employers have been registered in Maharashtra, 1,447 in Uttar Pradesh, 1,69 in Delhi, 1,570 in Haryana, 402 in Jharkhand, 281 in Uttarakhand and 206 in Bihar. More than 12 crore people in the country are still looking for jobs through this government portal. Although the number of employer registrations is increasing, the number of active jobs is declining.

Number of active jobs 67,670

As of January 1, the number of active jobs in December was 67,670. This number was 68,811 8 in November. Not only that, only 37,700 new jobs were added in December, a total of 4,500 were added in November. The technology and science sector has suffered the most from the decline in new jobs. There were 4,817 new jobs in December, compared to 9,820 in November.

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At the same time, new jobs in the information and communications sector fell from 5,900 in November to 3,535 in December. New jobs in the recruitment and employment sector also fell from 16,500 to 12,000. There are more job opportunities in some areas. In the financial and insurance sectors, production in December increased by 7,992 vacancies compared to 1792 AD, which was 7,392 as compared to 1423 in the previous month. Also, there are 5,035 jobs in December for jobs related to public administration and social security, compared to just 1 job in the sector last month.


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