The Commerce Ministry sought feedback from various ministries on the proposed national logistics policy

The Ministry of Commerce has sought the views of various departments on its proposed national logistics policy. The purpose of this policy is to increase the productivity and competitiveness of manufacturers by reducing the cost of finished products. Sources have given information about this.

The proposed policy emphasizes the development of national and state-level masterplan for multi-model connectivity. Its purpose is to enact a universal national operating system law, set broad standards for the region, and develop information technology solutions (IT apps) for truck tracking solutions.

By 2020, these mutual funds have returned more than 50 percent

In addition, it is proposed to develop short-term training courses and to develop environment-friendly logistics initiatives and infrastructure to produce trained personnel under the policy. Sources said the policy also proposes to upgrade physical facilities and ground custom stations to improve logistics operations for international trade.

A source said that a great operating system region would significantly contribute to the country’s sustainable economic growth. The policy will be approved by the cabinet. The government announced a new national operating mechanism policy in the last budget.


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