The average retail price of onions has dropped by 60 per cent since last year: Govt

Consumer Affairs Secretary Leena Nandan said on Thursday that timely intervention by the government to increase the supply of onions has yielded good results. Due to this, the average retail price of onion has come down by 40 percent to 40 rupees per year. Nandan told PTI that the price of onion has come down drastically across the country. “In just one month, the retail price of all-India onion has come down by 33.33 per cent to Rs 40 per kg from Rs 60 per kg on November 30 this year,” he said.

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He said the average price of onion in the national capital on Thursday was less than Rs 30 per kg, as on December 31, 2011, it was Rs 100 per kg. According to the Ministry of Consumer Affairs, the average price in Mumbai on Thursday was Rs 48 per kg, up from Rs 93 per kg a year ago. Compared to the rupee. In Kolkata, the price has come down from Rs 90 a year ago to Rs 40.

Reduce the price of onions

Nandan said timely intervention by the government since September has resulted in a 60 per cent reduction in the average price of onions at the national level. In several steps to reduce interest prices, the government had on September 14 banned the export of onions altogether. Subsequently, share restrictions were imposed on wholesalers and retailers for three months from 23 October to 31 December. It had an immediate effect. In addition, the government has helped import onions to improve local supply and control price increases.

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According to the secretary, in addition to importing onions from Afghanistan and other countries, the government took steps to import onions directly through the government cooperative Nafed. “In 2020, about 1,000,000-755,000 tonnes of onions were imported through private traders,” he said. Nafed also imported about three thousand tons of onions. “The combination of all these steps has created a situation where the data itself proves to be evidence,” he said.

Retail onion prices softened with the arrival of fresh kharif grains

Asked about the rise in onion prices at the Lasalgaon wholesale market in Maharashtra after the government announced the lifting of the export ban from January 1, the secretary said, “It’s good.” If a good amount is coming to the market, there is no need to artificially hinder exports. This argument. He said the measures to ban exports were aimed at controlling prices for consumers, which in turn affects consumer price inflation.

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Nandan said the retail price of onion has softened with the arrival of new kharif crop in the market. He added that the country’s kharif onion production has been as expected. He added that the government has decided to increase the buffer stock of onions from 1.5 lakh tonnes to 100,000 tonnes in the Rabi season of 2021.


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