It will be easier for the nominated candidates to withdraw money from the short savings scheme, the rules have been changed

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The postal department has given more relief to investors in small savings projects. Physical presence at the witness post office is no longer required to accept small savings project claims. In fact, the Postal Department received allegations that officers asked their nominees to br ing two witnesses to comply with the deceased’s claim for PPF or any other small savings scheme. In view of this, the postal department has changed the rules for the nominated candidates. Under this, if the nominee brings self-attested identity card and proof of address, the post office cannot refuse to accept the claim.

Claims up to five lakhs can be easily obtained

According to the new rules, if the amount of the claim is up to Rs five lakh, the resolution can be made at the discretion of the concerned authorities. At the same time, if the evidence is more than five lakh rupees and no evidence is found, a certificate has to be submitted from the court. Aadhaar card, passport, driving license, voter ID card, ration card with photo, post office ID card, any identity card issued by Central Government and State Government, MNREGA Job Card, PAN Card are valid for claiming any savings scheme of post office.

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This document must be provided

Death certificate
2. Receipt of passbook / deposit

3. Affidavit in Form-13
4. Letter of denial in Form-14

5. Bond of Liability in Form-15

On the death of the nominated candidate

If the nominee, as well as the nominee, dies for any reason, the claim will be in favor of the nominee’s legal heir. It will not be placed on behalf of the legal heir of the deceased depositor in cases where nomination has not been registered, providing legal evidence for the claim. These include inheritance certificates, wills, administrative letters, etc. The claimant has to provide the original death certificate of the applicant’s application and other necessary documents.

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